Energy Management Solutions

  • Realtime energy monitoring
  • Billing System for utility and electricity trading companies
  • Electricity production balancing system
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Electriqubе Monitoring

Real-time energy consumption monitoring and forecasting

General features

  • Energy consumption, production monitoring and predictions based on AI/ML models
  • Forecasting based on historical and weather data
  • Market data for national and European markets (Intraday и Day-Ahead)
  • Energy production and consumption real-time monitoring
  • Smart alarms and notifications
  • Easy integration with wide range of sensors and controllers
  • Analytics and reporting for energy consumption


  • Full transparency over energy consumption, costs and savings
  • Immediately identify inefficient systems and devices
  • Reduce energy consumption losses

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Electriqube Billing

Energy consumption billing and customer management

General features

  • Manage accounts, contacts, documents and invoices. List of different billable end-points per customer
  • Energy consumption billing. Management of price lists
  • Automated invoicing based on predefined templates and energy consumption data
  • Payments management
  • Analytics and reporting


  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Reduce the risk of errors
  • Secured and centralized storage of user data and documents

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Electriqube Balancing

Management of surplus energy-production from fluctuating energy sources

General features

  • Management of electricity production based on prearranged schedules and deviations from actual production
  • Management of prearranged energy production schedules
  • Analytics and reporting

Some of the benefits

  • Reduce the energy production imbalances and loses
  • Improved forecasting
  • Optimized energy production schedules

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Leading Bulgarian energy company reduced the loses for energy production imbalances by 300%

The solution

We have integrated Electriqube Balancing to manage the energy production imbalances in 11 hydropower plants managed by the energy company. Hardware integration with controllers and sensors in the hydropower plants for real-time monitoring and control of energy production.

The results

The solution has reduced losses for energy production imbalances by 300%. It provides more precise forecasting of energy production schedules generation and automated management process minimizing the risk of errors.

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